Economy Bath Blankets

A cost-effective solution for facilities in need of affordable, multi-use blankets

  • Fast-selvage sides
  • Hemmed ends
  • Available in multiple sizes and weights
  • Bleached and unbleached options
  • All cotton or blended cotton/polyester options

Everything You
Need To Know

Bath blankets are a multi-purpose product that can have many uses throughout a facility. Common applications include an extra bed blanket or a lightweight blanket for Recovery and/or the ER. These versatile blankets can also be used for patient propping/positioning and more.

Our Economy Bath Blankets offer a cost-effective solution to healthcare facilities looking for a versatile, multi-use blanket for their patients. Fast-selvage sides and double-needle hems ensure extended service life, while the wide variety of size, weight, and fabric options ensure the perfect match for your facility’s unique needs.

Choose from 70″x90″, 72″x90″, or 70″x80″ in bleached or natural colors. Numerous fabric composition options ranging from 100% Cotton to a variety of Cotton/Polyester blends.

  • Economy Bath Blankets
  • Fast-Selvage Sides
  • Hemmed Ends
  • Available Multiple Sizes and Weights
  • Bleached and Unbleached Options
  • 100% Cotton or Choose from a Variety of Cotton/Polyester Blends

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