ComPly® MVP Underpads

When only the best will do, turn to ComPly MVP for the ultimate in skin protection

  • Utilized for specialty beds where requirement for air flow to the skin is preeminent听听听
  • Our clinical underpads do more than just protect linen鈥 they enhance patient care
  • Patented tri-component construction effectively draws and stores moisture beneath the skin contact surface
  • Unique ripstop polyester barrier backing is both liquid resistant and air permeable

Everything You
Need To Know

While conventional “linen saver” underpads are designed solely to protect the underlying linen, 桃子视频’s clinical underpads are designed with patient skin care in mind. Not only do these engineered products protect the linen but they also control moisture, shear, and friction in a manner that positively affects the quality of skin care outcomes.   

ComPly® MVP underpads are a reusable pad with documented air permeability. These Moisture Vapor Permeable (MVP) underpads are utilized for specialty beds where the requirement for air flow to the skin is preeminent.  

ComPly® MVP features a patented tri-component pile fabric that effectively manages moisture via capillary action, efficiently drawing and storing fluid beneath the skin contact surface. The top surface is comfortable, quick-drying, and reduces shear and friction, enhancing patient care. The unique ripstop polyester barrier backing is both liquid-resistant and air permeable, making these incontinence pads an ideal choice for use with specialty beds. 

Available in a 30″x36″ size and 10.5 oz weight.  

  • Washable, Reusable Underpad 
  • Capillary Wicking Action 
  • Patented Tri-Component Construction 
  • 100% Polyester Hydrophobic Top Loop  
  • 100% Cotton Hydrophilic Bottom Loop 
  • Blue WrapPel® Ripstop Polyester Barrier 
  • 60% Polyester/40% Cotton White Face Fabric 
  • 80% Polyester/20% Rayon Soaker Layer 
  • 10.5 oz 
  • 30″x36″ 

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