Integrity® Underpads

Our patented construction avoids the broken stitches & bunching common with quilted pads

  • The absolute lowest cost-per-use reusable underpad听
  • Integralknit鈩 technology eliminates the pitfalls of traditional quilted underpads
  • Electively contains fluid with rayon-enhanced nonwoven fabric
  • Exceptional laundry performance
  • Available in laminated unipad construction that extends service life听听

Everything You
Need To Know

Patented Integrity® underpads are manufactured with Integralknit™, an innovative fabric-forming technology. Polyester thread is needle-punched through a 9 oz/square yard, 65% Polyester/35% Rayon nonwoven, forming a channeled face. This unique construction produces a reusable bed pad with exceptional strength and durability while eliminating the problems and product failures associated with traditional quilted-style underpads. You can count on no broken stitching or bunching, as well as exceptional laundry performance.  

With a composite face/soaker made of a rayon-enhanced nonwoven and a barrier of premium-quality blue polyknit vinyl, Integrity® reusable bed pad effectively contains fluids and is gentle on the skin. Even with all of these performance advantages, Integrity® delivers the absolute lowest cost per use of any reusable underpad. 

Choose traditionally constructed Integrity® or opt for the upgraded Integrity® Plus. The single-ply laminated construction of Integrity® Plus creates inseparable layers that eliminate differential shrinkage between component layers, enhance durability, fold more easily and efficiently, and extend service life by reducing mechanical abrasion and eliminating barrier air pockets. Lamination means face fabric and barrier always move in tandem, stopping uncomfortable “bunching” under the patient. 

 Integrity® and Integrity® Plus both feature an overall content of 80% polyester/20% rayon. Available in 33″x36″ and 36″x41″ sizes. 


  • Washable, Reusable Underpad  
  • Patented Integralknit™ Fabric-Forming Technology 
  • Not Quilted 
  • Overall Content: 80% Polyester/20% Rayon   
  • Composite Face/Soaker Made with Rayon-Rich Nonwoven  
  • Barrier: Premium-Quality Blue Polyknit Vinyl (Vintex 8/21 HD)  
  • Choose from 2-Piece or Laminated Fabrication   
  • 9 oz Soaker  
  • Merrowed    
  • Sizes: 33″x36″, 36″x41

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