EuroTech® Underpads

Simplify incontinence care with a fused, single-ply construction that extends service life & improves patient comfort

  • Clinical underpads enhance patient care by reducing moisture, shear, and friction
  • Single-ply laminated construction eliminates differential shrinking and stops 鈥渂unching鈥 under patient
  • Inseparable layers provide enhanced durability, extended surface life, and simplified folding/processing
  • Polyurethane barrier reduces weight and bulk by more than 25% vs. conventional barrier pads
  • Pastel aqua color and scalloped wave pattern creates a less institutional appearance

Everything You
Need To Know

The EuroTech® Plus underpad features a 100% brushed Polyester face fabric that is notable for both comfort and moisture wicking performance. The pastel aqua color and scalloped wave pattern of the pad surface creates a less institutional appearance and is helpful in managing incidental staining. EuroTech® Plus underpads are fabricated with a polyurethane-coated barrier backing that reduces overall pad weight and bulk by more than 25% as compared to conventional vinyl-barrier pads, which can dramatically and positively impact processing expense. 

The single-ply laminated construction of EuroTech® Plus creates inseparable layers that eliminate differential shrinkage between component layers, enhance durability, and extend service life by reducing mechanical abrasion and eliminating barrier air pockets. Lamination means face fabric and barrier always move in tandem, stopping uncomfortable “bunching” under the patient. 

This lightweight underpad also positions more comfortably beneath the patient and folds more consistently and efficiently in the laundry. 

EuroTech® Plus underpads are available in a 33″x36″ size with an 6.8 oz soaker, rounded corners, and merrowed on all four sides.    


  • Washable, Reusable Underpad  
  • Single-Ply Laminated Construction 
  • 100% Brushed Polyester Aqua Face Fabric 
  • Polyurethane-Coated Barrier Backing 
  • 65% Polyester/35% Rayon Soaker Layer (6.8 oz)  
  • Scalloped Wave Pattern  
  • Merrowed on Four Sides  
  • Rounded Corners   
  • 33″x36″ 

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